you write you listen. you respect then bitching. crying and wishing my ass.

you can’t even comprehend my magic shit. if you calm down ill grant you a pass.

smoke shit 25/8 wizard knows when its time im never too late. exactly on time when I decide its time for me to rhyme, for me to arrive.

I turn fifties into hundreds, I know she want it. im so ecstatic I bring the thunder. I know she want it. acting tough but they know they under. and I am above o no she want it.

its skank its wet toasted fried bread, some eggs some cheese I got a secret up my sleeves. I got the spices and the salt the peppers and the herbs. im a fat ass motherfucker im twisted and stirred. im not an artist still somehow a writer ill switch my pen with a pan ill be running a diner. ill be cooking the dishes ill be cleaning em too.  w’ell be roasting you dumbass yeah me and my crew. my crew is loose no matter what you do your about to lose I give you real shit im not like the news. im not trying to pose and flex for just a dozen views. I give you something news. im just a psyco a banana man. im even more magical than Peter Pan. im a mad man. ill cause a real scene. im obscene. im just fucking around just hustling.